Wednesday, May 7, 2008


But I don’t think I am any good either. Right now I am too busy to evaluate my laziness and put a check on it. Yes, I’ve got too much to work: Weekends my desk seems to be a Mt. Everest of A4 sheets; and weeknights I am in office figuring out what next.

I don’t have the time to fix the ceiling fan in my living room. There’s my suit hanging from the curtain pelmet. I still haven’t found time to hang it in the wardrobe. My parents have assumed that I work abroad these days. My neighbours think I work for the secret service. My wife thinks Wednesdays are perfect to meet, because they fall exactly between Monday blues and Friday blitzkriegs. I am doing too many things. And I still have too many things to do.

Wait. This is not a practiced act of condemnation and self-pity. I am merely reflecting a thought. Something, which many can’t afford in the current context of life.

Most of us seem to be becoming adept in incessantly running from task to chore to priority to ambition without moving an inch. For many of us, our days begin and end right at our desks. This includes the express meal breaks confined to our cubicles.

Almost all of us have a ready answer for the pesky aunts and uncles of the world. “I am busy, there’s so much of work at office and I am the only one there to do it. Some of us even manage to convince our family and friends that the bosses would have to shut shop and go; if we failed to turn up at work two days in a row.

All that is fine. But are we really putting the 24 hours of a day to best use?

One of my most original theories is that- if one slept eight hours a day, he or she would end up wasting one third of his or her life (irrespective of one’s lifespan). I must admit… I haven’t managed to propound anything this brilliant till date.

As for the countless beers I’ve had wasted in the company of men with similar ideals; and the kinetic progression of my waistline; or the ever-expanding aura of my dark circles, I hope to find answers one day.

Still okay. I think it got the point across. That’s what matters. I guess identifying one’s problem is the first step towards solving it. So hopefully I make some progress from here. Huh, gotta go! My colleague wants some more beer. And me too.